Welcome to Bad Bitsy Art

Donna’s interest in wildlife and art started in her childhood.  She started drawing horses and cowboys at age seven and at the age of sixteen sold her first pencil drawing out of a gallery in Folsom California.  She won several awards before she reached adulthood.  As a young adult she was asked to do illustrations for Outdoor California and began to sell her work to the public.  Unfortunately, life got in the way of her pursuit of art and she was forced to put her artwork aside.

Now resuming her passion to paint she has started entering local and international art shows and contests for which she has received several awards.  Donna is best known for her detailed pastel paintings of animals both domestic and wild and for her western lifestyle paintings.  She has done numerous commissioned pieces.

Donna resides in the foothills of Northern California with her husband and is surrounded by 5700 acres of ranchland and wildlife.